Here are some classic MOW-built boats, still being patiently and lovingly cared for by their owners.
Most are located at Man-O-War.
The Boats
Those who own and care for a classic MOW-built wooden boat are, in my opinion, a special breed of cat.  This section is dedicated to those owners and their boats.
          - Editor
Abaco Rage
Owned by The Abaco Rage Sailing Syndicate.  She is based in Hope Town Harbour.
Owned by the Hudsons.  She was built by Benny and Willard Albury.
Cheryl Jean
Owned by Carter B. Bryan.  She was built by Maurice Albury, ca 1953.
Owned by Ralph Albury.  She was recently restored by Willard Albury.
Built by Edwin's Boat Yard.
An Edwin Runabout
Built by Edwin's Boat Yard.
Flying Circus
Built by the William H Albury boat yard and launched in 1956.  She is being lovingly cared for by Rosie and Lon. 
Jay's Dinghy
Built by Edwin Albury.
With Lincoln in the photo.
Photo courtesy of The Mannis
Lady Di
Owned by David Wright.
That's David on the sculling oar.
Little M
Here are a couple photos of an Albuty sloop being restored in the Florida Keys by Peter Blackwell. Length 23'  Photos: Peter Blackwell
Photos courtesy of Peter Blackwell
Lively Lady
Owned by Lance Lee.  Her home is Eastern Harbour of Man-O-War Cay.
Owned by Howard and Donna Ray. 
See their website.
Rough Waters
Owned by Patrick James.
Sea Fever
Owned by Jay Manni.
Tamar II
Owned by Bill County.  You can usually find her moored in Hope Town Harbour.
Thanks Irene
Owned by Mr. Roland Albury.  That's one of Willard Albury's wooden runabouts in the background.
Owned by David Wright.
s/v Wm H Albury
Owned by David Wright.
t/t Wm H Albury
The tender for s/v Wm H Albury.  Owned by David Wright.
Built on MOW circa 1948.  Owned by Lance Lee.
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